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Match Play 6-2/Answer

The best play is ugly...leaving two blots in your inner board and throwing checkers to the ace and deuce points is not pretty backgammon.   But it beats the alternatives.  Sometimes we have to choose the least-ugly play instead of the prettiest play.

You don't want to come out with the back get gammoned far too much when you do that.  You don't want to leave the mid's too easy for White to bring those checkers in from the 13 (midpoint) when you do that.  You don't want to move just one checker off the 13--if you get hit and White covers his blot, again, too many gammons and too easy to bring his checkers home; and if you don't get hit, White probably covers his  blot and you're forced to run next time anyway.  So by process of elimination, you make the least-ugly play.