In the  actual chouette, I was holding a 2 cube along with one other, and we redoubled and the Box player quickly dropped.  As you can see below, this is not even a take.  What happened in the game, however, is that read was absolutely crushing blue, but roll after roll was not able to escape that last checker, and finally rolled a 5-5 to crash his board and leave a blot.  The player did little to hide his disappointment, and we quickly flipped the cube and he got up without giving it much thought.

Were we wrong to recube here?  Against a bot, or skilled player, absolutely; but against a human where we feel there is a reasonably good chance of getting a drop, particularly when the cube goes to 8, it might well be a good double.  I was extremely confident that I would get a drop here on an 8 cube, and I assure you, that if it was a 2 or 4 cube, and the odds of getting the drop were smaller, I probably would not have cubed.  To be completely honest, however, I had no idea it was this far from a cube...I thought it was fairly close.  I was surprised to see that Red wins this game 38 percent!