My Backgammon Vacation

As you may know, Scott Casty was an intermediate player a little over a year ago, but with coaching from me and some excellent tips from Perry Gartner, and a lot of effort on his own, he moved up to the Open Division where he beat many of the finest players in the world, cashed in several events, and ended up with a Ranking of No. 15 on the American Backgammon Tour.  Further, he now consistently plays at the "expert" or "world class" level in recorded matches on ExtremeGammon (definitive proof of his skill).

As a way of thanking me for my help, Scott invited my wife, Randee, and I to join his family on a little island-hopping tour of the Caribbean over Christmas and New Years.  We spent 8 days on the Annabel II with a crew of 4 and the most luxurious accommodations, service and meals imaginable.

Turns out I did help play as Scott trounced me playing RandomGammon much of the trip.