Doubles Match/Answer

When Mary Hickey and Bill Riles gave us this cube, I wasn't sure what we should do.  But I remembered my "newest theory"--Reverse Woolsey's Law.  I asked my partner (Randee) if she was sure she would double, and she said "no" so that means, FOR SURE, it was a take.

So we took.  Good news and bad news.  The bad news is we lost the game (didn't get hit, just lost the race).  The good news is we got very lucky and won a gammon on the next game and went on to win the match.

ExtremeGammon confirmed Woolsey's Law that it was not a double.  That's not to take anything away from Mary and Bill, because they might well get some drops fact, one of the Giants of Backgammon looked at this position and thought it might well be a drop.