Our Teaching Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy


In the book “Talent is Overrated” by Geoff Colvin, he states,  after  years of studying great performers in all areas of sports, games, and business:  “The factor that seems to explain the most about great performance is something the researchers call deliberate practice.”

In effect, knowing how to study and what to study does more to produce excellence than innate talent or pure hours of hard work and study.  The book states that the best way to know what and how to practice is having a great teacher, mentor, or coach.

You can spend hours playing against people or even the bots; you can read every book and article ever written; you can try to memorize all the opening moves and second moves and reference positions, and you will improve.  But your rate of improvement and the heights you can achieve will be pitifully small compared to spending your time learning the best strategies and tools that lead to the best decisions over the board.

We teach a methodical approach to understanding checker play and cube decisions that focus on the critical elements of the position and direct our students to use their time and energy to consider the variables that are most likely to lead to the best decisions.  This is a “deliberate” approach which is practiced repeatedly so that when the situation presents itself over the backgammon board, the best and most efficient thought process is applied.  You will make fewer errors and smaller errors as a result, and you will win more.

Certainly elements of our decision-making process can be found in books already written by masters such as Magriel, Robertie, Trice, Woolsey, Ballard and others.  But we know of nowhere else than here, in the Backgammon Learning Center, where these wonderful strategies, and some important new strategies of our own, are presented in the proper order and in an organized approach to lead to the kind of “deliberate practice” referred to in Colvin’s book.

The effectiveness of our approach is proven by the success of so many of our current and former students.  Please take the time to read the testimonials on this web site, and you will hear from  backgammon players from all over the world that you may know from tournaments and the internet who have raised their game by several hundred Elo points in a very short period of time using our methodology. 

If you truly want to improve your game and hone your skills significantly in a relatively short period of time, WE GUARANTEE (no charge if you don't get satisfactory results) that you will do so by taking lessons from us.

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