Stick No. 12/ Answer

Red to play 2-1

 In short, get your men in quickly.  This is often the case as the gammons will make up for any single wins lost.  Here you barely sacrifice any wins at all because if your opponent does get 'lucky' and hit the 5 shot you're still likely to stamp him into the ground.  He'll have left his anchor and you'll have some fly shots and ton of shots that hit loose on the deuce where if he doesn't hit back you'll scoop up a few of his checkers and march rather easily to a sweet gammon. 

Bringing them both in now also leaves a better wave-like structure for the bearoff.  Next turn also plays smoother by bringing them both in with only 55 leaving the blot there whereas the 'safe' looking play of 7/6 5/3 leaves a bad [66 65 54].  It should be noted I would probably not leave the blot if my opponent had a four point board.  They key is that he has already broken down to a three point board so the power behind any shot he may hit is significantly decreased.

Rollout below: