Stick Position No. 3 Cube/Answer

Prime v. Prime.  One of my rules is that any normal looking prime v. prime game is a take.  The only trick with this rule is knowing what 'normal looking' refers to.  It will cover a large chunk of the games where you're questioning whether or not you should take or pass.  In general, when in doubt, take.  Even more so in prime v. prime games.  So being on roll here knowing my opponent has a take I had to ask myself the question, is it a cube?

All sixes are good for me, I can hit a 3rd checker with aces, and I figured I had some other sequences where my opponent rolls poorly and I lose my market after not accomplishing much of anything on my own.  My own prime is deeper than my opponent's and I'm anchored and he isn't so it's likely that I win significantly more gammons than he does.  Accurate so far even according to the rollout but I win fewer games than I had hoped and that's the reason this isn't a cube.  The volatility is pretty big as it often is in prime v. prime games where there may be a crunch or a blitz coming soon, but I don't win enough to turn it yet.  Even on most good sequences I will still have a lot of work left to do so I should hold off, hope to maintain or solidify my advantage another turn and then re-evaluate. 

See rollout below: