Stick Position No. 4/Answer

 Mochy has asserted before that a lot of his own mistakes come from lack of focus.  That's exactly what happened to me on this play. 

I'm playing online again so I can give myself a little leeway for certain things that happen but this play I looked at and still made a donkey play.  I was tempted by the power of the 3 best inner board points and not wanting to get hit back on my own 5pt when I should have seen the bigger picture.

If I don't hit I'm still losing the race and basically giving my opponent a broken 5 prime.  He will make his bar point all 4s and 6s (or his 5pt) and 11 or 21 for example make his 5pt.  I have two men back and he only has one.  If I hit I take the racing lead and while I leave 20 numbers to hit my blot on the slotted 5pt and quite a few other numbers that hit my blot on the enemy bar point, but the latter part of that equation is no big deal.  In short I can't let the insta broken prime happen when I still have two men back and am down in the race. 

My best option is to mix it up and see where that lands me.

extremeGammon rollout below: