Stick Position No. 5/Answer

Autopilot is to be blamed here.  I can hope I wouldn't have made this mistake on a live board but I can't promise it. 

It's a very natural play to come up and bring down another builder if you aren't in tune with the position and its needs.  By making the lame-o play of 22, 8 I leave my opponent so many good sequences and no real bad ones.  He can prime me or he can attack me. 

This position for me is of a more urgent matter.  I need to keep him off balance, I need to hit!  This gives him 9 fanning numbers and a few other numbers like 61 62 or even 53 that compromise his position a bit.  It certainly keeps him from major offensive improvement barring doubles from the bar. 

Hitting is clearly the best play here but I imagine would be overlooked by many.

ExtremeGammon rollout below: