Stick Position 8/Answer

Make the play that wins the most games and usually that doesn't involve blitzing when you have to make deep points to do so.  Even with that in mind I go through the motions of making the ace point since it does put 3 checkers in the air against a 3pt board with 10 checkers in the zone and deprives my opponent of any immediate chance of anchoring up sans rolling doubles.  I'm not particularly impressed by any of the blitzing plays so I make the solid play locking up the 5pt and keeping my structure at this score.

Luckily it doesn't cost me much in terms of match winning chances but it could have had it been dmp.  People shrug off these 'small errors' but if this was dmp I would have cost myself a full percent and a half match winning chances.  It's a delicate balance when you're forced to start a blitz at dmp because you may be forced next roll to play safely when at any score where gammons mattered your play of continuing the attack would otherwise be clear. 

Imagine for example you made the best play here of 10, 1*(2) and your opponent follows up by entering two checkers with a roll of 54.  Now you toss a 65, what to do?  You can see at any score where gammons mattered you'd hit both and move on with life giving the position little to no thought.  However at this score you're torn between goals and it's a fine balance to find the right plays in these types of positions.  I failed in finding the best play here because it took a lot of special circumstances to make that play right but I feel I learned another tidbit of information to add to my never ending supply of reference positions.

Rollout below: