Stick Position 9 Answer

My quest for total backgammon domination.  I decided not to hit here figuring the best thing to do is allow my opponent to play and crunch his forward position faster.  I imagine hitting may be best because my opponent still crunches immediately by coming in as he's favored to do in one roll or even if it takes him two or three rolls it will be a minute before my men get completely around the board.  (esp. if I want to and am able to recirculate by slotting the ace point) 

By depriving him of that outside checker I not only send more men back but his position becomes even more inflexible than it already was.  His first five or four no longer can go to a good spot but is instead crushed deep in his inner board.  Any flexibility he may have had left (very little) is cut off completely.

Rollout below: