Stick No. 10/Answer

My opponent had been behind a 5 prime delicately attempting to hold his prime and get to the edge of mine to escape.  When he finally made it to the edge of the prime I was able to hit loose and he fanned, do I have anything?     

From knowing these types of positions or taking my 'all normal looking prime v. primes are takes' advice, I know this is a monster take.  I will not be able to complete a six prime for quite some time since I currently have 4 checkers back.  I am waaaaaaay down in the race so if my opponent enters at the edge of my prime while I still don't have any more men in the zone it will be tough for me to work him over. 

My opponent's position is awkward though, note the horrific entering 51 and 52.  His 62 and 61 for the moment are pretty poor entering rolls also though I hope soon that his 62 will play as I'll be covering my 3pt from the 8pt and leaving the back of my prime slotted.  From my opponent's point of view I'm also not a sure thing to cover the blot on the 3pt.  There are numbers like [21 61 62 33 63] that fail to do so.  Some other covering numbers leave me vulnerable to immediate fly shots, esp. if I'm forced to cover with a 4 instead of a 5.  At best I thought this was a marginal double but what I'm never sure of is what is going on in my opponent's head.  I decided to turn the cube even though technically best in my mind at the time could have been taking a roll.  My opponent dropped before the cube hit the online felt.

Rollout below: