Stick's Position 1/Answer


This play came up in one of my Gamesgrid matches.  After a little thought it seemed clear to me that making the 2pt should come out ahead.  Immediately after I made my play one of the watchers said “If Falafel saw that play he'd bet you on the 4pt”.  There was some discussion with others agreeing the 4pt was right and even XG slightly preferred the 4pt on its analysis, both 3 ply and XGR+.  I decided to test the theory and asked Falafel his play.  He agreed with me and rollout started. 

As you can see humans can still come out on top of the silicon monsters from time to time.  While making the 4pt does make the stronger point and take away one of the higher points permanently as an option for my opponent to either enter or anchor up on, it doesn't leave nearly as fluid of a position at a score where an undoubled gammon is particularly appealing to me.  Even after seeing XG's analysis I told the kibitzers that my play was still making the 2pt and I thought it was clear.  The rollout confirmed my thoughts, blind squirrel finds nut part I.

Things to keep in mind aside from the gammon price on a 1 cube here are the position itself.  Making the 4pt leaves you somewhat stiff with 1s, 2s, and 8s to attack on the 5pt and 4s, 5s, and 6s to attack on the lower points.  Making the deeper 2pt now leaves all your ammo fired at the higher points, giving you good everything except 4s including 8s and 9s if needed.  Remember that when in full blitz mode the order you make points in isn't always the overriding factor, a made point is a made point. 

Below is the XG Rollout: