Stick's No. 2 / Answer

Given the score I decided I wasn't too good and cubed expecting to rack up a point.  One thing I hadn't considered is that my opponent might take!?  He snatched it up like it was a holding game cube and I had suspect distribution. 

I asked my opponent what he was thinking because he's a friend of mine and what he saw was us having equal boards, me not having enough men in the zone, and the confidence that he'd get a second anchor was very high. 

I told him our boards were not equal and that he might get a second anchor but that is far from a sure thing.  Even if he does get the second anchor it's not like his game is gold now, it's just a lot better than it was. 

The game played out and I ran over him which is good because I think he'll better remember the position that way.  If he had anchored and got into the game it may have falsely supported his previous thoughts about the position regardless of what the bot said. 

This position is a lot more hopeless than it looks, best to set the checkers up for the next game.  See rollout below: