I have been playing backgammon over 20 years.  When I started getting coaching from Phil, I was an average average intermediate player.  Within 6 months I won the intermediate division of a major tournament and was "forced" to play in the Championship Division.  I am now currently a highly-ranked player in the Championship Division (No. 11 on the American Backgammon Tour as of September, 2009).   I have beaten many of the top players in the world and have one of the best W/L records on the U.S. tour.  As my game improved, I also got help form Perry Gartner and others, but it was Phil's basic approach to cube and checker play, along with his teaching me to use Extremegammon as a learning tool, that helped me advance so quickly.    
Scott Casty
Chicago IL
September, 2009


“As a student of Phil Simborg I have had good experiences.  Although English isn't my native langue I had no problems understanding the lessons.  He is able to explain every aspect in a thorough way, by using a lesson plan that teaches you step by step how to learn backgammon and improve your play.  I was playing at the Beginner level according to Extremegammon.  After 4 months of lessons, twice a week, I am now playing at the Expert level much of the time.”


Martin Sterel

Amsterdam/ the Netherlands




“Taking lessons from Phil Simborg was the wisest decision I made for improving my game of backgammon. He single handedly took me from a low intermediate level and carried me to open level in record time. He gave the basics of checker play, cube decisions and match equity to form a solid foundation which I built my game upon. And most important of all, he taught me how to use Snowie correctly which is one of the best tools for perpetual improvement.

I am a regular tournament player here in Istanbul, Turkey. Before Phil's tutoring, I didn't have any significant results and I was blaming other people's good luck for my miserable results (sounds familiar?).
After he was done with me, I became a force to be reckoned with. Won two major tournaments (96 participants or more) and lost in the semis of two more. Now, I am considered to be one of the top ten players here in Turkey.

In short, I am really grateful for everything he has done for me.”

Mete Topcuoglu

Istambul, Turkey




“Phil is the best.  I have read books and was still confused about many things like match equity and in just two hours I understand that completely.  He taught me how to really understand the use of GNU so I can continue to improve on my own.  After 4 years, I still take a lesson from Phil about once a month to stay sharp and I learn something new every time.  I pretty much just play for money, and Phil has been one of the best investments I ever made.”


Mitch Lowe

Austin, TX




"My lessons with Phil Simborg were easily the most productive and enjoyable backgammon investment I ever made. Phil's knowledge of the game, his rules of thumb, excellent explanatory ability and pure enthusiasm for the game are some of the many assets he brings to the experience. At the time I approached Phil for lessons, I had some intermediate level tournament experience under my belt, but I needed to work to get to the next level of playing and thinking about the game. Phil definitely provided that support. I heartily endorse and recommend Phil for backgammon lessons, or presentations."


Steve Schreiber, Carmel NY




Some time in 2006 I contacted Phil by email and inquired about gaining some insights about backgammon that I knew I needed and scheduled some lessons.


I would recommend Phil to anyone wanting to learn more about this game and improve because he provided me with valuable information in every aspect I wanted. He speaks in plain English and uses great examples to explain his teachings and actually makes it a fun experience. I feel I have improved through these valuable insights and have cashed several times in tournaments since taking lessons from Phil. I'm now a lot more competitive than I was and to that I directly give the credit to Phil Simborg for sharing his knowledge about the basics, cubing, equities, and all aspects of the game. 


Larry Buckingham

Dayton, OH