World Series of Backgammon-Update

WSOB ONLINE TOUR™ - the new online tour from World Series of Backgammon
Will Cockerell writes

23rd June 2010
Dear Backgammoners and supporters of WSOB,

We are delighted to welcome you to yet another innovative and pioneering season from the
World Series of Backgammon which has been entertaining BG fans all over the world since 2006.
The dust has settled on the live 2009-10 tour which saw Kazuhiro Shino claim the $150,000 first prize, as he some-say-surprisingly defeated Denmark’s 1993 World Champion Peter Jes Thompson in a thrilling final.
We should like to thank all the people who contributed to such an intriguing season and points race around Cannes, Prague and the UK Masters last year.  We enjoyed seeing all the great names like Falafel, Mochy, Morton, Sander, the powerful German trio Orlowski, Plenz and Jacobowitz, the leading women players Katja and Pia; but there were also new stars who made their mark, in particular points race winner, the indefatigable, incomparable Persian Viking Shahab Ghodsi.  As ever, we added significant value to the tour, this time to the tune of €40,000.
This year, World Series of Backgammon changes direction from its multi-event European based tour and moves into cyberspace with its first online tour, which will be played on, the fabulous new online backgammon and poker server from WSOB.
WSOB ONLINE TOUR™ is formatted around five* online tournaments, each with a buy-in of €220+9. Payout is 100% of prize pool.
The first Stop on the tour will be played on Sunday, June 27th at 1700 CET. Sub-satellites to win €229 are now are running daily. Visit for dates of future events.
As in previous live tours, the
WSOB Race™ is the theme that connects the tournaments.  As usual players win points for each match they win – however, ONLY the best 3 tournament results from 5 will count, so you can afford the occasional missed tourney, or sub-par result.
The top 16 players in the WSOB Race™ will win their seats for the ‘Play-offs’, which will be scheduled immediately on conclusion of Stop 5, to be played throughout the following week. The Play-offs draw sheet will be published at
The prize money payout at the WSOB Play-offs is as follows:
WSOB Champion 2010 - €2,500 and WSOB Gold Cube®
Finalist €1,500
Semi-finalists €500

However, we haven’t made a total departure from offline play, and plans are being finalised for another UK Masters* extravaganza in November, in which Thomas Jespersen is the reigning champion.  We all enjoyed the majestic Adam Street venue for the Championship Shoot-out in February, and will ensure we select another venue of equal splendour.  Watch this space for details.
So welcome back to WSOB, and see you at .  The technology is superb, the action is rampant and the tournaments will be coming your way  thick and fast.
Thanks for listening, and have a great summer.
Will Cockerell, WSOB reporter since 2006.

* UK Masters results will contribute to the WSOB RACE 2010. Miniumum two overall entries required to qualify.