WSOB News and Update

You maybe interested to know there is new WSOB TV content on our Online TV Channel featuring Francois Tardieu in the WSOB Championship.

There is also an interesting match where one player ‘panics under the lights’ costing him €20k in equity in the first round.


Also, I am happy to tell you, the big gaming and game show channel in Canada, GAME TV will begin showing the whole 15 program series from Season II every Wednesday and Saturday from November 3rd.


SATURDAYS: 1am ET/ 10pm PT


GAME TV has quite a wide reach in Canada, not sure if it makes it over the border at all! Good news for the game in Canada anyway. They have carried shows before but this is much better A) much larger audience B) these shows are superb for action, jeopardy and quality and C) Gus Hansen is in the commentary box!